RE: XPS 15 9560 Killer Wireless killing my network

I recommend steering clear of the XPS 15 until Dell replaces the Killer Networking card with a working alternative.  

They are still shipping what is clearly defective hardware.  I was not aware of this issue when I ordered on last week and my network issues started as soon as I booted the XPS 15.  This is a laptop I use for business so bitlocker was turned on.   I told them I need a replacement card and that all my drivers were current but support forced me to go through a number of futile debugging steps, including one which bricked my laptop because of Bitlocker.  Instead I have a dead laptop and I'm out of the country for a week without a working one.  I'm returning for credit.  Any thoughts on an alternative high-end Windows laptop?

Hello joepaisley,

The Killer Networking adapter has nothing to do with Bitlocker, or vice versa. I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your machine, and would love to help you out with the Killer product, should you have decide to keep the laptop, and if you have issues with the Killer Networking adapter. You can reach out to us directly here -

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