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Killer wifi XPS 9560/horrible support

Here is the chat with the 3rd terrible Dell tech I've been with involving the bad Killer wifi cards in XPS Dell 9560s. I got transferred to him from another tech who had no idea what he was doing: 

 4:41:36 PM     System   System 
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
 4:41:36 PM     System   System 
Connected with Shaikh Tehseen Moin
 4:41:41 PM     Agent   Shaikh Tehseen Moin 
Welcome to Dell Customer Care Chat! My name is Tehseen.
 4:41:51 PM     Agent   Shaikh Tehseen Moin 
Hi Arun, How are you doing today?
 4:42:44 PM     Customer   Me 
 4:43:21 PM     Agent   Shaikh Tehseen Moin 
How may I assist you Arun?
 4:44:31 PM     Customer   Me
I have a new XPS 9560 with a Killer wireless card. The card is killing my local network even after updating it to the newest drivers. I had to downgrade it to an older Qualcomm driver to get it to stop doing that. But the card is still slow.
 4:44:49 PM     Customer   Me
I have read in other forums that many other people have this same problem and Dell has been getting them Intel card replacements, like here:
 4:45:00 PM     Customer   Me
I'm hoping to get an Intel replacement.
 4:45:46 PM     Agent   Shaikh Tehseen Moin 
I have your service tag as FLTG9H2 is that correct?
 4:45:59 PM     Customer   Me
 4:47:27 PM     Agent   Shaikh Tehseen Moin 
Kindly contact to technical support team, for assistance on the issue customer care cannot process the replacement on the order, as the order is out of 30 days policy.
 4:47:42 PM     Agent   Shaikh Tehseen Moin 
They can only assist you with the issue .
 4:47:47 PM     Agent   Shaikh Tehseen Moin 
Your chat has been connected to customer care department, and I am not technically trained to assist you with Technical issues. I would request you to please contact Technical Support at 1800-624-9896 to get assistance with your concern. They are available 24 X 7. 
You may use this chat link as well :- 
Please choose second option were you need to enter the service tag no. and then you will be connected to tech support chat.
 4:47:52 PM     Agent   Shaikh Tehseen Moin 
You may end the chat session in case you do not have any other query. Thank you for choosing Dell. Have a great Day.
 4:47:52 PM     System   System 
Shaikh Tehseen Moin has left this session!
 4:47:52 PM     System   System 
The session has ended!

I bought this laptop last week through the Dell site. IT HASN'T BEEN 30 DAYS. I have never had such an awful experience with any sort of support personnel in any company. This guy just literally cut me off without any warning, after I was transferred to him from another clueless tech who said the only solution was to replace the whole laptop (the problem is just a wifi card).

I am returning this XPS because of my terrible experience with Dell. I will *never* purchase another Dell laptop/PC ever again.