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RE: Killer wifi XPS 9560/horrible support

I am returning this XPS because of my terrible experience with Dell. I will *never* purchase another Dell laptop/PC ever again.

I know you have had other posts on this subject.  When someone has a problem they usually give the basic info which might be needed by others to see help with a problem.  You gave your computer model but you did not say which Killer Wireless you have.  You don't mention which Wireless Router you have.  And you do not state exactly what is happening when the "Killing my Network" happens.

Other things you might keep in mind is first , a local network is limited by its slowest device, and not just a router.  If you have an older type wireless device, you might try turning it/them off for testing.  Secondly, in you situation, it may be that Win 10 is involved in the situation.  Every build of Win 10 seems to move beyond certain types of devices.

You have to believe Dell checked the configuration prior to offering the system for sale.  You need to do something to get that system in another environment for testing.

If you have made up your mind about sending the unit back, then disregard the rest, but I would suggest you download the drivers from the Killer site (Killer-Ethernet-Wireless_ and extract.  Then use Device Manager to uninstall the device and select the box to uninstall all drivers.

Then check the Programs and Features dialog, available from Settings, Apps, bottom of window, to see if any Killer software is still installed and uninstall it.

Reboot the system and make sure you are not online.  Look for the Killer Performance Suite and install it. 

I don't work for Dell .. just trying to help.  Since others have had problems, maybe you can be to one to find a solution.


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