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RE: Killer wifi XPS 9560/horrible support

I appreciate the help, but here's what I've went through so far:

1) Did all the Dell diagnostics stuff and emailed them the result to start. They already have all the info about my laptop, and I explained all the steps I already took and how I had to resort an old Qualcomm driver. It took me about half an hour to to list the drivers, show the other posts on the internet where other folks have had a similar problem and Dell replaced their card, etc.

Then what I got back was "You seem to be having wireless problems. Step 1, make sure the Wireless switch is on..."

2) I went to a Dell chat instead. I had to explain the entire situation over again, and just got "No, we never replace cards. But we can replace the laptop." I asked to be connected with another tech instead.

3) This third person wasn't a tech it turns out. It was a customer service rep. After explaining the problem for the third time, all he said was that my laptop was out of the 30 day return period (which it isn't for another 2 weeks) and then closed the chat session without warning.

My Chromebook and phone have no wireless problems here. My new Aero 15, still full of bloatware but with an Intel 8625 card, has no problems with speed. Every other wireless device on my entire network has no problems other than this 9560 with a cheap Killer card inside of it.

I have to deal with Dell at work too, and after having told my coworkers about this, they also told me that they get the 30-day-is up thing all the time for brand new equipment they order. This company is nuts.

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