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RE: Keep Getting Disconnected from wireless internet!!!

Older post, but am having same issue with a new Dell laptop.  Set Windows 10 power options for power plan advanced settings for 'Wireless Adapter Settings' --> 'Power Saver Mode' to 'max performance' for both plugged-in and on-battery.  

But then went into Settings from Windows menu.  Checked the wireless adapter properties, clicked Configure button, and looked at 'Power Management' tab.  The checkbox was selected to allow the PC to turn off the network card to save power.  Don't know yet if that's the root cause.  And ideally the updated power management settings wouldn't cause the card to be turned off.

Intermittent or transient issues can be tough to troubleshoot.  If it's related to Win 10 power plan, checking these two items is worth a shot.  And it doesn't require opening up your laptop.

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