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dell inspiron 15R-5537 keyboard stopped working

About 4 days ago, my laptop keyboard randomly stopped working. I have never had issues with it in all 4ish years of owning this laptop, I did not drop it recently, spill a drink on it, etc. I was able to log into my computer perfectly fine but then after that it just completely stopped working. I was able to pull up the touch keyboard and I noticed that every time I'd turn caps lock on on the touch keyboard the light would light up on my actual laptop keyboard. That was the only sign of life coming from the keyboard and even that I could only control from the touchscreen keyboard. After that I searched around on the internet for a bit and tried these things:

1) made sure I had the latest BIOS update (went through dell and downloaded the most recent driver for it)

2) I tried cleaning the keyboard and removing/reconnecting it to the laptop. 

3) I tried restoring my laptop to a previous version from about a week ago, before the most recent update since this problem started happening.

4) I messed around with the sticky keys, languages settings, etc. None of it worked

5) I uninstalled the keyboard drivers, turned off my laptop, and let windows reinstall it. Something I saw as a common fix online 

6) I went through the dell online support program they have. I ran a couple tests for the whole computer and the only one that came out as not being fine was the keyboard one. This was the result:
really didnt help at all except to confirm that my keyboard obviously isnt working..

7) finally after all of that, as a last ditch effort I bought a new keyboard. It came in today and I plugged it all in and got the same result. The only response I get from the keyboard is when turning caps lock on on the touch keyboard.

😎 lastly, something I was really trying to avoid, I reset my laptop and the problem is still occurring.

If anybody has any suggestions I would be happy to hear them. I've tried everything I could find and think of to try and fix it and I would really like to avoid having to pay to get it looked at and fixed. Could there possibly be some other part of my laptop not working that I should try fixing or replacing? As a side note I dropped my laptop about 6 months ago and made the headphone jack crack and shatter which I was able to fix. I don't think me dropping it that long ago is what caused this, but who knows. Any help is greatly appreciated, and if you need any more information or have questions I will try my best to answer them.

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