RE: Hooking an Alienware 17R4 to multiple monitors

Hi there, you can hook up 2 (1 using mini DisplayPort and 1 using HDMI on the back of the system), however if you're looking for 3 like you mentioned, you can look at newer monitors that allow daisy chaining and run 2 off of an active DP cable, so from the computer from mini DP port to the monitor, and then another cable from that monitor to the next monitor, and then the last monitor can just be run off of the HDMI port.

If the monitors you're looking at do not allow this, or if the mini DP daisy chain doesn't work easily, another option is looking at a Thunderbolt/USB 3.1 dock that allows external displays or even an Alienware Graphics Amplifier (here is one at this link), that allows for Desktop GPU's to be used.

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