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RE: Hooking an Alienware 17R4 to multiple monitors

If you have Thunderbolt, that’s best since it offers 2x DP 1.2 outputs, which is by far the most bandwidth. Thunderbolt means you can get a Thunderbolt dock, or you can save cash and get a Thunderbolt to Dual DisplayPort adapter. Or you can save even more cash and get a USB-C to single DisplayPort/HDMI adapter for that port, then use the other DisplayPort and HDMI outputs for other displays. Finally, you could buy a DisplayPort MST hub, which is handy if you don’t have displays that support daisy-chaining and/or not all of your displays support DisplayPort. However, an MST hub can only handle display configurations where the total bandwidth requirement of all displays attached to the hub is within a single DisplayPort 1.2 output’s capacity, which means 1x 4K, 2x 1600p, or 4x 1200p — assuming your GPU allows four displays. That’s why I initially suggested the Thunderbolt to Dual DisplayPort adapter, since that gives you more bandwidth, and you could actually even attach a DisplayPort MST hub to one of the outputs on THAT adapter if you really needed to.

Finally, if you need to use DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI dongles with either an MST hub or a Thunderbolt to Dual DisplayPort adapter, you might need to use the less common and slightly more expensive active adapters rather than passive adapters, since those Thunderbolt adapters and MST adapters don’t always support Dual Mode DisplayPort, which is required in order to use passive HDMI/DVI adapters.