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XPS15 "shadow" on my new lcd monitor


My new XPS 15 (FHD) has dark shadows at the bottom right and left side of the screen. It is visible only on white/ light background (unnoticable on dark background). It is really bothering me, especially since I do a lot of reading and work with Word.

Do you suggest to exchange it? Or is there some sort of software configuration reset that I can try to fix this?  

Thank you!

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RE: XPS15 "shadow" on my new lcd monitor

Hi IamAuu,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your new XPS15 is not working as you expected.  

You may wish to try these things: http://dell.to/2h2E7k1

If that's not working and it has been less than 30 days you could choose to troubleshoot with Tech Support or return it.

If it has been more than 30 days you will need to contact Dell Tech Support to troubleshoot and possibly repair or replace defective parts.

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