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RE: XPS 15 9550, Thunderbolt NVM firmware issue with Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter

I got XPS 9550, HP ZBook G3 and HP ZBook Studio G3. I also have TB15, StarTech TB3 to TB adapter and Universal Audio Satellite TB device.

My XPS has NVM16 (1575), ZBook G3 NVM18 (1577) and ZBook Studio G3 NVM16 (1577).

I was not even able to install firmware to detect TB port at all on my XPS, just the other day when Windows 10 Editors update came out, my port actually showed up in Device Manager. Yet still, none of my TB accessories/devices is being detected by my XPS at all, while both of my HP laptops detect everything PNP. I've tried resetting my XPS 2 times and did everything from scratch twice, nothing. Also, my HP's are running Windows 7, not sure if that matters anyhow.

Pretty frustrating.. got over $1K worth of TB devices that I cannot use.

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