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My Dell Inspiron 15 - 5567 PC has crashed!! Help!!!


I've just purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop 15 - 5567 laptop (Scratch and Dent) from the Dell Outlet and it has already crashed upon first use. I had switched it on and managed to set up a username and password and proceeded to customize my PC when it suddenly showed a 'System Error' message (20% complete) and that the PC needed to restart. 

I waited for the PC to restart automatically but I don't think anything happened so I think I tried to restart it myself. But when I switched my PC back on again, it just 'hangs' on a PURPLE screen that says, "Just a moment..." I have waited for over 45 minutes and nothing happens!

I've tried switching it on and off again several times but I get the same purple screen with the same wait a moment message each time I try to restart it again. A couple of times upon switching the PC back on again the Dell logo would show before showing the purple screen again. But most of the time when I press the restart button it would go straight to the purple screen.

Does this mean that there is something seriously wrong with it? Does this sound like a serious or minor fault? I really wasn't expecting this upon first use.

Can anybody out there help????


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