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RE: My Dell Inspiron 15 - 5567 PC has crashed!! Help!!!

Yes, I've decided to return it but I'm worried that they might not give me a FULL refund as on the Dell Outlet UK website (which is where I purchased it from) it mentions that they will deduct a fee if I have used the software and it also mentions something about restocking fees. I am going to be pretty p*ssed if they don't give me a full refund as it's not my fault that they sent me a dud one. If it had worked I would be happy to keep it.

Each time I try to reboot it it it just hangs on the same purple screen which says, 'Just a moment...' and nothing happens!! I have a one year warranty but I don't want to take any risks with it. Because if I get it fixed and it crashes again outside of my warranty period then I'm going to be pretty annoyed!

I'm just worried that they might not give me a full refund that's all even though It crashed the first time I try to use it.

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