Dell Vostro 5470 Windows 10 Pro x64 not shutting down

Hello, I've formatted the computer 3 times to solve the non shutting down issue, so I'm starting to believe is somehow hardware related.

I was using Windows Insider Preview (fast ring) and then (slow ring). Last December, the laptop stop shutting down completely. It starts the process, video is black, no sign of disk activity but the on/off light start on and the fans are running. Only way is to hard power off with the button.

Reinstalling Windows from scratch solves at first boots, but then start failing again. I've moved to slow ring of Windows Insider. No luck. Then for the Windows 10 Pro that I'm running now.

All updates from Windows and from Dell Detect System were applied successfully. I've tried to run Intel Update tool. It detects the network driver could be updated, download and applied successfully, but no luck, the computer does not sleep completely nor hibernate.

I've tried disabling Hybrid sleep mode. I've tried to disable Hibernation all over (powercfg.exe /hibernate off) without working.

All seems well with the computer, excepts the shutting down process.

Can anybody help me? Thanks.

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