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RE: XPS 13 9360: BIOS 1.3.2 - "Fn Lock Options", the 2 Config Options are Switched

I'll send this over to the team that writes the instructions. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hello! The BIOS has been updated to version 1.3.4 (from version 1.3.2). Released today. However the text for the "Fn Lock Options" are still incorrect (and swapped).

To Test: On a XPS 9360, upgrade to BIOS v1.3.4. Go to "Fn Lock Options", Turn off "Fn Lock" and choose one of the options i.e. "Lock Mode Enabled/Secondary". The description says this should be the secondary functions only, and use Fn to get to the original options. But instead, it's the opposite.

Not a big bug... but very confusing for people who use this option to have the description completely swapped for the options they give. Not too sure why it wasn't fixed with the latest BIOS update if it was reported to the right team... since it is a simple copy and paste the description text around... OR swap the function names around... either or.

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