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RE: XPS 13 9360: BIOS 1.3.2 - "Fn Lock Options", the 2 Config Options are Switched **UPDATED: still here in BIOS 2.2.1**


There has been multiple BIOS updates, including a major BIOS version update to v2.2.1. This latest update was released today, Sept 6, 2017.  It has been 7 months since this has been reported. And maybe like 5 bios updates since then.

Checked the latest BIOS 2.2.1. The Fn Lock BIOS Setting is still incorrect. They are swapped. As listed in the initial post. Somone need to swap the text, or swap the options. Either or will work.

Basically the First option is actually the 2nd option, and the 2nd option is the 1st.

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