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Several Question for Memory Upgrade Dell 7567 and other stuff


This is my first question for Dell, I have been trying to call the 24x7 support for my questions but apparently it's closed. So here's my questions:

1. I want to buy a memory module from a third party seller, will that void my warranty?

a. Memory in my laptop is currently 4 gigs. Philippine seller's are quite cheap with regards to memory so there's that. LOL ($1000 for 4 gigs LOL) will different speeds affect memory? should I also buy a 2400 mhz one?

b.Different memory size: is it possible for a 12-gig config to exist? (same speed etc)

2. My computer is quite slow also, tried removing almost all background apps but when I play witcher 3, my computer just comes to a halt if I alt-tab. Is this a memory issue?

3. There's a ticking noise if I position the laptop at 45 degrees.

FINALLY.. hehehe, will opening my laptop cause warranty issues? Sellers here in the Philippines are quite stern with their warnings that opening the back panel causes the warranty to void. 

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