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RE: Latitude E6420 wont boot, screen is black, cannot interpret LED error signals

I disagree with your interpretation of the error signal.  After greatly enlarging the table from its current form, I was able to determine that blinking battery and wireless LEDs indicate a RAM problem, so I reseated the RAM and the computer is happier, though not completely cured yet.  I could understood why a RAM stick might rebel when a 9volt ohmeter is applied to its motherboard, although I'm pretty sure I had removed the RAM when I did that.

It would have been helpful to know where the table of error signals is found.  

Also, I'd love to know anyone's fix to the bitlocker lockout problem.  I tried to copy the recovery image for this computer from Dell support but when I tried it failed and the error message said to contact Dell Technical support.  All they would say is that the computer is no longer covered by a warranty, no other clues.

If anyone has better clues on how to overcome the bitlocker lockout I'd love to read them, although I think I'm just a few minutes away from getting this computer to work using my brute force reset.

If anyone is interested I'll post how it goes.


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