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memory compatibility


I have a Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 laptop with a 8GBs of memory. I'm wanting to upgrade the memory to 16GBs.

Right now I have 'dual in-line memory module 8GB, 2400 , 1RX8 8G, DDR4 S' DIMM. Part number is MKYF9.

There is an 8GB replacement chip recommended for it which is 2RX8 SODIMM and also a 2400MHz chip.

I believe my laptop has a spot for another DIMM since it only has one now. I was thinking of installing the latter one in that spot.

However the 1RX8 for the one already in it, versus the 2RX8 for the proposed addition bothers me. Are they compatible? And what if any issues or side effects might happen if I was to attempt to upgrade the memory in this way? Performance issues?



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