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Win 10 drivers for XPS17 L702X

Dell states that the XPS17 is not being tested for Win 10 upgrade !!!!

How is this possible????

This top-of-the-line computer cost nearly $3000, and is barely 3-years old, and Dell has the audacity to not support it with the latest Microsoft operating system ????  Inconceivable!

Here's an excellent reason to never buy a Dell product!!!!  This type of 'designed  obsolescence' does not bode well for any company in today's competitive environment.

Perhaps a forum member can suggest if any Win 10 drivers will work . . .

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RE: Win 10 drivers for XPS17 L702X

Windows 10 should have all the drivers you need built in.

As for time, 3 years is generally the dividing line between supported and "end of life" or "legacy".  It's used by most other vendors as well - apple in particular.  You can in fact not buy a warranty longer than three years on Apple hardware -- at 3 years old, Apple calls the system "ancient history".

And the L702x series is about five years old -- so it's long been end of life.

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