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RE: Dell XPS 13 9365 - Won't boot USB in SATA Mode AHCI - Trying to install Ubuntu

I have this problem but have had no success even when using a WinPE disk!!! This is a bugger!

I have a client that has a normal Windows 10 Pro XPS 13 9365. SSD is listed as Samsung 961.

I switched to AHCI mode (painfully slow, grueling, annoying boot process once switched over)

BIOS/UEFI and everything else updated and the most recent blah blah blah..

I can boot into various recovery boot disks (cd or USB) regardless if it is in RAID or AHCI mode BUT none of my recovery or imaging disks see the boot drive!

Example - Acronis (linux based boot cd) works fine but cannot find boot drive.

Macrium Reflect - works fine as a boot disk created with latest WinPE files for W10, but does not see boot NVME drive.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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