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RE: XPS 15 9560 - Hard Drive not installed

So the system has booted normally after changing the SATA controller?

Right now, all I would do is change it back to RAID to see if it will boot, at least for one boot attempt.

If you are not aware, the safe way to change from one controller to another is to use msconfig.exe to set your boot to safe mode.  Then reboot the system and go into the bios.  Make the change you want to make and then save and allow the system to reboot back into safe mode.

Then you can use msconfig again and set it back to normal boot and reboot.  It will not normally generate errors if done this way, but your situation is different.

A Toshiba drive came on my 9365 and I changed it several times and it seemed to work normally.  I have very little info on the 9560 so there could be some differences there also, one of which may be the version of NVME driver in your Bios.


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