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Refund for XPS 13 Lemon?

I bought a XPS 13 three months ago, started using it about two and half months ago. Last week the USB-C port stopped working. The tech support guy I chatted with said that it needs a new motherboard. He set up an onsite visit for a tech to install the new motherboard.

The tech came by yesterday. By the end of the day, my problems went from bad to worse. I'm in this loop of entering my Windows 10 Bitlocker code and being sent to a bunch of troubleshooting options that do nothing. I can't even reset from the recovery partition.

The best diagnosis was that the new motherboard was a dud, so I'm left with the original. Not having a working USB-C port seems like a much smaller problem now that I can't even boot up.

They're going to send another motherboard for another onsite tech visit. My other option was sending my computer out for repair in "three to five business days" starting Tuesday. I need a working computer in order to pursue my livelihood. It's hard to contemplate wiping out a week of work, so I went with the faster onsite visit, even though I'm not confident that I will have a working laptop afterward.

The best suggestion I was left with was to buy another hard drive in hopes of saving the contents of the built-in one that I have no access to right now. I don't see the point of sinking more money into a laptop that stopped working in under three months.

At this point, I feel like I've wasted $2,000 of my family's money and tons of time on a computer that's a lemon. I want to get out of the Dell game. Does anyone know how I can pursue a refund?

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RE: Refund for XPS 13 Lemon?

With only one repair - it's not an option.  At best, if the next repair fails, you may be able to ask for a replacement system.  If there's no backup of the system, that's the first thing you should make (which may not be as easy as you'd think if the SSD is encrypted).