RE: DELL Latitude 3340 Stuck at DELL LOGO

Hi james.hilham, 

I would like to look into this further, can you Private Message me your Service Tag on the system? Also, it sounds like you might have seen the Diagnostic Boot Screen, but can you try these steps below to see if it gets any further:

1. Disconnect the AC adapter from the system and remove the system battery.
2. Hold down the Power button for approximately 10 seconds to drain any residual power and then release the power button
3. Hold the power button down once more while inserting the AC adapter into the system. This will initiate the Forced ePSA which may clear the state causing the system to remain at the Dell splash screen.
4. Release the power button once you see any text on the display or the Dell splash screen\
5. The Dell ePSA (Pre-boot System Assessment) diagnostic page will next appear
6. If the ePSA page does not appear then the recovery method was not effective.
7. Should ePSA initiate allow it to complete the quick test to determine if any component failures exist.
8. Should the system recover from the condition and boot into the operating system, it is very important to update the system BIOS immediately after the system has recovered to prevent a reoccurrence.

You also view a video on the steps here: 

Lastly, when the system freezes at the Dell startup screen, can you let me know if there are any diagnostic LEDs, such as a certain blinking light pattern (there might even be solid lights) for the HDD LED, Power LED, and/or the Wireless LED? This might give us an indication of what is wrong with the system.

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