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Dell Inspiron 3421 Corrupted Bios - How to boot from USB?

I corrupted my bios during a bios update downloaded from the Dell website.

Since then, the computer has not been switching on, it basically doesnt boot.

I have downloaded the latest bios (O14A13.exe) and have extracted the .hdr and .rom files.

Renamed them according to the phoenix program for recovery mode.

Tried mounting usb drives to reflash the bios - but nothing seems to work as of yet. Tried:

a) MiniDOS bootable usb. FAT.

b) Wincrisis bootable usb with PHLASH16 and MINIDOS. renamed .rom to .wph. FAT

c) non bootable usb with just .hdr and .rom files. FAT32.

Inserted usb without battery in laptop, unplugged, and pressing the "end" key, I reinserted the ac adaptor. 

As of now, the c) option seems to work the best as the laptop doesnt restart in a loop after some time (as in a) and b)) but doesnt seem to be doing anything either! The usb leds are on all the time. Been almost 30 minutes now.

Not sure what else I can try.

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