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Inspiron 15 3000 laptop disconnects from Internet/Network

Laptop is only 2 months old and Dell support won't help because I don't have a software maintenance contract and don't want to pay for support on a new laptop!

The laptop has been having issues with the connections to the Internet and network for a few weeks. This is my husband's computer and he doesn't remember if this was a problem from day 1.

I noticed that the WIFI options under Settings/Network disappeared. I went through the diagnostics and did a repair and it now shows WIFI. 

When trying to troubleshoot problem with “no internet connection” I get the message:

There is no Internet connection
checking the network cables, modem, and router
reconnecting to Wi-Fi
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

I ran the Windows Network Diagnostics for the Network Card and it passed all of the tests.

I checked the connection and it says it is connected
Troubleshooter can't find a problem

says it is connected but still can't connect to Internet!

I have many computers connected to the routers I use and never have a problem with the Internet nor Networking.  I brought the laptop in my office and connected the laptop to a Eternet cable that works for another computer and I am sure the problem is with the new Dell Inspiron 15 3000 laptop.

I suspect this may be an issue with Windows 10 drivers but not sure what to check next. I see that other types of Dell computers have had issues with the network drivers and had to go back to Windows 7 drivers but not everybody has had success using the old drivers and some experienced other issues. Any suggestions?

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