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Dell TB16 - Latitude 7370 various issues

We have a Tb16 dock in at the moment for trial. It is very unstable on our Latitude 7370's

We've installed all the latest drives from Dell, updated firmware on both the Dock and the laptops but still face issues

The main problem problem as far as I can see is the ASMedia USB 3.0 Extended Host Controller Driver , when installed the dock will just not work with ethernet or USB. No connection at all. If we remove this driver and allow Microsoft to install it's own version then the USB and Ethernet ports work OK however then another issue occurs, the connection constantly drops out over and over again , internet drops out, USB stops working (with the familiar sound you hear when you disconnect a USB device from a PC) and then reconnects again, this happens over and over again. I use the NIRSOFT tool USBLogView and there was hundreds of connects and disconnects over a few hours

The only way we've managed to get it stable is to either put the device into air plane mode or put the power setting on the WiFi adapter down to 1 which obviously isn't a good work around. Alternatively if we do not use the ethernet port then the USB works fine

When you install the ASMEDIA driver from the Dell pack you end up with a unknown device which I can't find any drivers for

This isn't just one one laptop either, this is on all our Latitude 7370's we've tested

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