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RE: Dell TB16 - Latitude 7370 various issues


Thanks for that, I should have mentioned originally that I've been through all the troubleshooting guide on that page, updated the firmware etc (and indeed as mentioned the ASMedia USB 3.0 Extended Host Controller Driver actually completely breaks dock functionality all together , other than monitor i.e. no mouse or keyboard)

The problem definitely seems related to the ethernet port on the dock as the minute I attach it that's when I start to get USB port disconnects and Ethernet disconnects back to wifi, then reconnects. then disconnects and so on unless of course I put laptop into airplane mode or turn the power down on wifi to lowest setting.

I've got an call logged with Dell tech support now but would be interested to know if anybody else has seen a similar issue since this is happening on all our laptops we purchased albeit we've only had one dock to test (so therefore hopefully just a faulty dock...)

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