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RE: Dell TB16 - Latitude 7370 various issues

Little update after a week - even after successfully installing the ASMedia drivers, I'd still get the random TB16 disconnects, which is really annoying because it renders the system unusable for about 15 seconds, and when (if) it comes back, all the windows have resized / moved themselves.  For whatever reason, none of this would happen if I left the lid open a crack.

I came across another thread on dell community which suggested the junky Dell 1820A wireless adapter was the culprit:

So i decided to try installer a newer Intel 8260 Wifi card.  So far, this seems to have finally fixed my problems, I can now run dual 4K monitors connected to the TB16 with the lid closed.  It has not disconnected once over the last several hours.

These Intel 8260 / 8265 cards are about $20 on Amazon, and you get better wifi reception too.