RE: Dell Inspiron N4050 Battery says "0% available (Plugged in, Charging)" but not charging

Hi ejn63,

I am sorry, but i forget to mention something important and i am going to tell it to you now,

From 3 or 6 Months i was going to clean the laptop so i got my spray and shut down the computer while the battery was inside the computer, while the computer was shutting down and the battery inside i got my spray and throw on the laptop keyboard because some of the keys was not working, then i listened that the hard drive like stopped and the computer shut down as if i was clicking on the power button and the laptop did not turn on for 1 week but while it was not turning on, when i put the AC adapter it would show the battery is charging, when i tried turning on the laptop and it run perfectly the battery was Ok and i kept using the battery and after some days the battery was on 15% and it needed to be charged and i plugged in the AC adapter and it was not charging.

Let me tell you about the keyboard problem also,

While i was working on the laptop suddenly some of the laptop keys was not working i disassembly the laptop and re plug the cable again and the problem was still not fixed so i took the cable off and put the keyboard and everything and what i was telling up is what happened and the cable till now is disconnected.

Might be because the keyboard cable is unplugged? Or what?

Please tell me because i think this will help you alot


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