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Black Screen while machine is still running - Dell Inspiron 27 7000


I received a Dell Inspiron 27 7000 all-in-one pc early this week. I have used it in the last couple of nights (very light usage). The machine randomly goes black screen quite a few times every day. I can only force shut down the machine in order to reboot when the problem occurs. What's even worse, there are different issues when I try to start it again. Sometimes it complains I am using a non-genuine AC power adapter but of course I am. Other times it just shows different colors in full screen mode. Then the only way to start the machine is by unpluging it from the powerpoint for a few minutes so it somehow restarts from scratch.

Another interesting observable was: When I was doing skype screen sharing with my friend last night, it suddently had the black screen problem. I could still talk to my friend but no longer able to see the screen. Because I was sharing the screen, my friend saw the error message on my screen: Power surge on USB Port. Not sure if it's relevant but I looked it up online . Tried reinstall all the USB controllers but did not help.

I have also done all the windows updates, dell updates, drive updates but the problem remains unfixed.

I am an IT professional so good at troubleshooting most of the problems. This one seems to be a defect in the hardware/drivers.

Can any one please help?
Thank you in advance.