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Audio CHIP ALC3266 support on Linux - Dell XPS 15 9550 - Disaster

First Dell XPS is great product, I have my second one upgrading from 9530 to 9550 with 32GB RAM. They are worth the money. I am Gentoo linux user, so working in dual boot configuration with Windows, but mostly work on Linux.

I am really quite happy with every aspect of the hardware design (the thin border screen is unbeatable), I understand some minor issues with camera placement.

BUT AUDIO chip selection => COMPLETE DISASTER. I believe who ever pickup the  ALC3266 chip was either:

- insane out of the box

- having serious family issues, so he drinks a lot or is regularly on drugs

I understand you don't support Linux primarily, but it causes serious issues on Windows as well. On Linux unfortunately there are different scenarios where internal speakers works, but no output to headphones. Or vice versa. Or headphones only one ear works. And after quite long time, it is not fixed on community level and probably won't be easily fixed.

I think this is really responsibility and sanity of the hardware architect to not only pickup hardware by price/features, but how it really works.

Maybe it will help to design for next XPS versions the audio board to be replaceable in similar way as Wireless card is, what do you think guys?

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