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RE: Audio CHIP ALC3266 support on Linux - Dell XPS 15 9550 - Disaster

I think this is really responsibility and sanity of the hardware architect to not only pickup hardware by price/features, but how it really works.

I won't comment about the specific Realtek Alc3266 chip, as I have no information about it one way or the other, but I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment. For as long as I have been doing this, Dell laptop owners have had to come up with workaround fixes for audio issues that should have never left the factory.

Maybe it will help to design for next XPS versions the audio board to be replaceable in similar way as Wireless card is, what do you think guys?

I like the idea, but that would be a major audio feature addition. For years the trend has been in the opposite direction, to eliminate hardware audio features, and to try to make up for it with software like the Realtek/Waves software. The thinking seems to be that fewer people are serious about audio now, not enough to cater to, in my opinion.

This might not be relevant, but one poster mentioned using Linux Mint with an XPS 9350 but didn't say anything about headphones problems like what you are having with your 9550. They should be similar models except for the screen size. A lot of 9550 owners have had to get the audio jack circuit board replaced to resolve headphone issues (in Windows).

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