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Mobile Broadband on Precision M6800 - is it possible?

Contacted Dell about purchasing a WWAN card for Verizon for my Precision M6800.  They told me to buy the 5802 LTE/4G Mobile Broadband Mini-Card.  After purchasing / installing the card, I can't find any drivers for it that will install on the Precision M6800.  Every installation comes up with notification "This is not a DELL system".  

After 2 hours on support with them, was informed that the 5802 is not compatible, and that I would need the 5808 instead.  Except the 5808 is a different physical size / shape and will not fit into the Precision M6800. 

So, has anybody been able to get a Mobile Broadband card to work on a Precision M6800?  If so, what did you use and how did you do it?



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