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Alien 18.4" problems and inferior product!

I have been a tech for now some 30+ years, I have had my 18.4'' ALIEN REPLACED ONCE! I'm on my second one for 5 months now and had nothing but problems, freezing, locking up, losing my screen, the net card is so slow I can go to my spouses pc and get the work done on my old Toshiba that is 8 years old and get things done faster!, I care for disabled vest two of which have life treating health issues that I my need to be able to IM VA hospitals at a drop of a hat is why I can not send my laptop in for service for a week to 10 days, or more. I have done my research and I will not have any more refer-bushed parts put in my machine! After 2 mother boards and 4 video cards can you blame me.... When I worked at HP doing customer returns the dreaded Azures mother boards have been hated for the failure rate , I do not know why dell would pout such a *** poor product in their machine . I still have my old dell from 12 years ago it runs on window 3.4 LOL but it runs.  Dell has stop! making 18.4  Alien machines due to the failure rate so why the *** will they not replace my machine with a 17.4" of like I paid over $2500 for this darn thing only to lose graphic projects before I can saving them , losing over 200 hours of work for graphics.... Sigh I hope dell will replace this thing soon.

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