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RE: XPS 13 9360 - first half-second of any sound is missing from USB-C/HDMI

Thanks also Saltgrass for your response. I'm not sure what you mean by Firmware; I have no external Thunderbolt device or other hardware, so the only firmware I can think of is the 9360's BIOS, which I did update to the latest.

I got involved with this when I was setting up the TB 16 and realized the Thunderbolt firmware and driver is installed on your system, since that is where the Thunderbolt device is located.  You are not using a Dock, but I would think the Thunderbolt system needs to be completely installed.

Again, I don't know for sure why there are two Thunderbolt firmware downloads unless they need to be installed in sequence but Dell should be able to explain.. 

The Thunderbolt driver is also installed on your system.  But since you use the Intel Display audio for HDMI, the only things you have control of is that sound driver, which is installed with the video driver, and the Thunderbolt device...


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