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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (7567) Screen Lines/Artifacts

Good afternoon. So I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 (7567) for my wife on July 13 and it was delivered on July 21st without any issues. The purpose for the laptop is more work and school since my wife is not a gamer, but I wanted to get her the best possible specs for the long term. All drivers on the laptop are from the Dell site and the laptop shipped with Windows 10 Pro. On the night I received it, my wife decided to watch some Netflix while I slept and the next morning, she sent me the attached screen shots. According to her, the screen just turned that way after having watched about 30 minutes of full screen material. She also stated that it flickered and that Windows was for a short while somewhat unresponsive (she couldn't restart the system). The following day I turned on the laptop without any screen issues. I did research and noticed a lot of driver issues with the Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti GPU were being posted, but most specified BSOD issues with the Nvidia drivers not the Dell drivers. Nevertheless, I removed the Dell drivers and clean installed them again. Afterward, I did a barrage of tests on the laptop to see if the problem was hardware or software related. These are some of the tests I ran:

- Dell BIST tests

- AIDA64 Extreme Stability and Monitor Diagnostics tests

- Futuremark 3DMark SkyDiving Benchmark and Stress Test

None of the tests could replicate any issues with the screen. No artifacts whatsoever.

That same night the issue came up again, while watching Netflix and this time the lines were blue. Once again, I returned home to perform more tests. This time around, I wanted to try full screen movies as opposed to stress tests. When watching Netflix for about 30 minutes, I noticed every so often a single horizontal blue line streak across the screen, random locations. Since it happened so random, I do not have a picture or video. I also watched a movie from the hard drive, as opposed to streaming, and although it happened, it wasn't nowhere near as often. On a different night, my wife tells me the lines came back again when she paused and went to get some water, but they went away shortly. The only observations she made on all instances was that she remembers that every time the lines appeared, they were vertical, on the right side of the screen and that she had just paused the movies. I have videos of the issues, but I guess the size was too big to post. I spent watching almost an hour of film on Netflix, but could not replicate the issue. I started leaning towards a loose cable contact theory, but I'm not sure. Today marks 7 days since I received the laptop and I've finally decided to make this post. This laptop is new and this should not be an issue for something out-the-box, but now I have this LCD (or GPU) concern. I would like some guidance/answers (technical, RMA, etc.).

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