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CPU issues with new inspiron 7567

Hello All,

I could use some assistance troubleshooting an issue with my new Dell Inspiron 7657.

i5 7300hq (2.5-3.5)
gtx 1050 ti
16gb ddr4 2400
ssd main drive
7200 rpm hdd

The issue I'm having is the CPU will throttle to below its base frequency while gaming - temperatures do not exceed 70c. See below screenshot:


note: 1st line is CPU, 2nd line is GPU, 3rd line is gpu memory usage and 4th line is fps

The difference between 2.3ghz and 3.1ghz in bf1 is a difference between 30 and 60 fps - so this is kind of a big deal when it comes to gaming.

I cant seem to be able to find out the solution to this - im running on the latest drivers and bios - ive even installed intel tuning utility and pumped up the cpu wattage to see if it was a power limitation.

I could use some additional heads grinding away at this issue. I can't seem to find any related posts online.