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RE: CPU issues with new inspiron 7567

This issue happens in my laptop as well.

Here is my link:


i7 7700hq

gtx 1050 ti

16gb ddr4 2400


BIOS version: the issue both happens on 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

Windows version: Win10 15063 creative update

The reason is power limitation. Because when the down freq happens, the cpu temp is only 66 °C.

Also, whatever the cpu voltage is, power always limits to 15W, when the GPU is running.

The CPU i7 version cost more power for running, in your case (i5) it limits to 2.2GHz, but for i7 it limits to 2.0 GHz. It makes me crazy for a long time.

The temperate solution for me is install intel extreme tuning utility. tune the cpu voltage to -100 or -125mV.

The power limitation still happens. But the CPU freq will raise to 2.5Ghz(i7), on power 15W.

In China's forum - "Tieba", people have reported it as well. link:

(Chinses language, need Chrome translation)

The tieba's user solve the problem by reinstall the system, he said the reason for CPU down-clocking is the Windows 10 Creative Update.(15063). You can open "cmd" or settings-system-about to see the version for Win 10.

Because I am in summer holiday (student), the 7567 laptop is not with me. I can not test the earlier Windows 10 system.

For older windows 10 ISO, you can download the Win 10 Home iso from MSDN or (   still need translation).

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