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RE: CPU issues with new inspiron 7567

HI, I am back. I have confirmed that the CPU throttle is caused by creators update(15063). I have a old laptop - Acer V5-573G. It has i5 4200U and GT750. It is a low voltage CPU and heat dissipation is good on that laptop. It usually works on 2.4GHz with full load. Before the creators update. It always works fine. But after update. The CPU throttle to power consumption 15W when GPU Is running. After GPU starts a few seconds, the CPU work only on 1.8GHz with 70 degree.

Let's talk about the inspiron 7567. I update the BIOS to 1.10 and throttle still happens. I reinstall the Windows 10 to 14393(1607), it no longer happens CPU throttle any more. The CPU full load on (3.3Ghz) even it is 93 degree when GPU is running.

About the autumn creators update(1709 or 1710?), I install it today. The version is very close to RTM which is 16299.15. DO NOT HOLD TOO MUCH HOPE.

I test it with furmark + AIDA64. This version still has throttle like creators update 1703. 16299.15’s throttle is radicaller than 1703. It limits power to about 13.5 W. The CPU now only works on 1.8GHz when GPU is running.

Now I return to 14393(1607), and uses group policy to block function update to forbid the Windows update to 1703 or later. I still open the Windows update on quality update. So that I can still receive safety update.