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One of my monitors not waking up from sleep

I've seen a number of discussions on what appears to be a very similar problem, but no real solutions. I thought I'd try again with maybe a bit more detail.
I have a Latitude 7470 running Windows 10. Display adapter is the built-in Intel HD Graphics 520, driver version (3/9/2017). I'm not using a docking station.
I have three monitors connected:
Monitor 1 is the laptop's built-in monitor
Monitor 2 is a a Dell E2416H (Display port)
Monitor 3 is a ViewSonic VG2228wm (HDMI to DVI cable).

Desktop is extended on all three monitors. Monitor 1 is designated as the main display.

At times (unpredictably), monitor 2 (the Dell monitor) doesn't wake up with the computer and the ViewSonic monitor. Power LED is blinking slowly. Apps that were previously running on that monitor are moved to one of the remaining two. If I power the monitor off/on, the computer signals that a new device was discovered and everything goes back to normal without further intervention.


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