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Dell XPS 13" 9343 Swollen battery


I purchased a Dell XPS 13" 9343 two years ago and my battery just got swollen - one side of the keyboard/pad got lifted. I've contacted the local Dell support, and in addition to that that the guy was rude, he they told me that battery warranty is only for 1 year so they cannot replace it for me.

I find it really disappointing, especially to their top tier laptop series. It's only 2 years and the battery is "dead". I think it is unacceptable for a company like Dell to have that kind of issues and not to solve them although the warranty period has passed.

I am aware that batteries capacity can drop, and their performance is decreasing over time. But in my opinion, swollen batteries is something that shouldn't happen, it's a safety vulnerability.

I really hope that Dell will consider this case again and replace the battery even though the warranty time has passed.

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