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RE: Dell XPS 13" 9343 Swollen battery

I also bought a Dell XPS 13 9343 about 2 years ago. Recently, the trackpad stopped working and the keyboard got warped. An internet search revealed that these problems were being caused by a swollen battery.

I contacted Dell, and they told me that they are aware that this problem exists with respect to the Dell XPS 13 9550, and that they are replacing the battery in that laptop free of change even after the warranty expired.

But they insisted there is no problem with the battery in the 9343 model. They told me they would sell me a new battery for $100 that I could install myself, or they would have a technician come to my home and install a new battery for $250.

I paid the $250 to have a technician install a new battery, and he told me he sees this problem regularly, but only in Dell laptops. After he installed the new battery, the trackpad started functioning again, and the keyboard was no longer warped.

I'm not happy about this. It appears that some batteries in the 9343 model are also defective, and Dell is not acknowledging the problem.

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