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RE: Dell 7567 Inspiron 7000 FAN SPEED CONTROL

Hi, I ordered it off of amazon.It is called a Technet.It is the one with a panel on front to control fan speed.The panel lights up. It has 2 fans.Also it is adjustable and has small tabs that pull up sideways on either side in the front to hold laptopYou can set the tabs low so it does not interfere with typing. I really like this one.I like these tabs because the do not get in the way.I have both of my laptops on the same one.It has been awhile since I bought them and cannot find any numbers on them.Cooler master makes good ones too from what I have read.Sorry it took so long to get back to you here.

Looked at the other one.It says Tecknet N9 on it.

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