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RE: Radeon Pro WX 4130 with 2GB GDDR5 card for Dell Laptops?

There's no newer MXM-A card.


MXM-A is the MXM-3.0A. There's no upgrade for this since it came out.

"2nd generation configurations (MXM 3)

MXM-A 82mm 70mm A A 55W 64-bit or 128-bit"

All cards from 2017 are based on MXM-3A or 3B which some people just writes as MXM-A or MXM-B.

Dell M4600 uses the same MXM-A card slot.. and FirePro M5100 (compatible with M4600) is based on the same MXM-A card slot. If Radeon Pro, which is an upgraded FirePro, is the same MXM-A card, I think maybe it could work on M4600...

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