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RE: Latitude 5480 memory upgrade problem

By any chance, did someone succeed to use 32GB on Latitude 5480 (quad) ?

I suspect a BIOS issue, and it would help if Dell provides some info on this.

At least to know if it si a known issue, that it's work in progress, or only X types of memory are affected..

On my system, (5480, i5-7440hq), I managed to install 8GB + 16GB (old + 1 of the new dimm), but 2x16GB does not work.

Even a single 16GB (dual channel) doesn't work.

An upgrade to the latest BIOS version did not help (1.6.4)

As I said before, the memory is a Kingston HyperX Impact 32GB


I found this compatibility matrix which says clearly that 32G is supported


It's disappointing, since I having 32GB was a selection criteria for this system.

Dell (international support) did not help..

Local Del support investigation is in progress..

I expect to receive at least a clear answer about this issue.

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