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RE: HDMI Output only detects 2 channels not 5.1

How do I update or upgrade my Realtek audio drivers to support more channels?

Hello. You can't. The Realtek audio chip on the motherboard is hardware that either supports surround, or doesn't. I suspect that your chip is a 2 channel chip, because the laptop only has analog output connections for 2 channels. There wouldn't be any point in having a surround chip. In the past, various Dell laptops have had the audio ports to connect a 5.1 speaker system, but I don't think any of the recent models have more than a 2 channel port.

Could someone help me get 5.1 output from my HDMI source?

However, HDMI audio is a digital signal and so does not depend on the DAC (digital to analog) capabilities of the Realtek chip. HDMI audio is controlled by the graphics (video) driver, not the Realtek driver. See the HDMI Audio FAQ for more details about it.

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