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Dell Precision 7710 with NVIDIA Quadro M5000M issues with WPF 3D Content

I have a

Dell Precision 7710

i7-6920HQ CPU @ 2.9GHz

32GB Ram

Windows 7 Pro Sp1

Nvidia Quadro M5000M driver version 369.49

which I purchased as an upgrade for my

Precision M6700

Our company has developed and uses a software package that utilises WPF to render 3D content in an XBAP in Internet Explorer.  When I attempt to use this software on the 7710, the 3D content flickers a lot when it is redrawn, making it pretty much unusable.  From the stats that we can get from our application, we can see that the update time for the redraw / present is about 45ms, whereas on most other PCs, even ones utilising the integrated Intel graphics, it is usually about 12ms. 

We have used this software on a large number of PCs without experiencing anything this bad, which is obviously quite disappointing since the laptop should actually be able to display what we are asking it to without any hassles.

As far as I can tell all our drivers for everything on this laptop are up to date.  

We have tried using the NVIDIA control panel to force the laptop to use the High Performance Nvidia Quadro card rather than integrated graphics and it appears to be doing so as we were able to make it display the notification icon in the task bar and that showed that IE was using the Nvidia.

I have tried tweaking just about every other setting I can think of / see.

I have tried using the Dell Precision Optimiser to select different profiles with no luck.  The Dell Precision Optimiser does not actually appear to show the GPU CPU usage or any other stats to do with the GPU, which seems odd to me.

I ran the extended diagnostics tests on the laptop available on the Dell support site.

I have searched on the net and have found some instances of issues with Nvidia cards and WPF, but none of those things that we have found seem to apply to our application.  We have desktops in the office with other Nvidia cards where it runs fine / the best of all.

Also, the fan on this 7710 goes pretty hard at times - harder than I would expect it to.  I have tweaked the power settings to make it go less, but it still seems to run the fan more than I think it should / seems to on my M6700 - or maybe it is just a louder fan.

So, I am just wondering:

Has anyone out there experienced anything similar?  If so, any suggestions on how to resolve or things to try would be greatly appreciated.


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