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RE: E6420 Boot loop after installing Windows 7 Pro

Hi Robin,

Here's what I've done.

I have 2 x units of E6420

1 Win 7 Pro 32 bit

1 Win 7 Pro 64 bit

both units of E6420 having the same issue.

Tried installation for both win 7 pro version 32/64 bit with & without SP1 slipstreamed.

For 32 bit. error appears, so i ran msoobe . As soon after it restarts, it went pass POST, as soon it reaches Windows startup it reboots.

for 64 bits version, no error with installation, able to get to OOBE then after restart, i have the same issue  where it keep rebooting after BIOS POST.

BIOS ver previously A03, and ive upgraded to A23.  same rebooting issue before and after upgrading BIOS firmware.

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