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e4310 bios

Okay, so i'm an idiot.  I was upgrading an e4310.  Apparently I had not (as is my habit) named the computer with the svc tag.  The svc tag (computername) was for an e6410 so I downloaded and flashed the e4310 (that had a14 bios) with the e6410 a16 bios.  Computer is now dead.  I did not stick around but after launch of a16 file, the system shut down and looked like it was doing the flash as I have seen a hundred times.  I now get no POST.  With battery out and charger only, the power button flashes on for about 5sec>off 500ms>5sec continuoulsly with wifi light solid.  Other than that, nothing.  I pulled the cmos batt, pressed and held the power button for 20sec and re-tried.  NADA.  Is there any way to force bios to a previous version.  No problem breaking down laptop to the bones and I do have a soldering iron.  I have come close to this before but the "wrong" bios update caught my mistake by looking at the system before.  Any help greatly appreciated.  I sincerely hope I haven't bricked this machine.

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