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Dell Inspiron 14z (5423) Switchable graphics, not switching.


I can't get the graphics to switch to use the AMD dedicated card when 3D applications are being run. This has been confirmed by disabling the AMD card in device manager and seeing no difference from when it's enabled. It's also been confirmed by using utilities like HWMonitor that show no activity on the AMD card when running demanding 3D apps. Both cards exist in device manager

What I've tried

  • Installed the latest drivers from ATI, switchable graphics options are there but they don't switch
  • Removed both drivers in safe mode and allowed Windows to install the default ones. Using this method shows not switchable graphics options and it never worked.
  • Removed both drivers and installed the ATI driver from the Dell driver page (There's not one for Intel HD 4000). Switchable graphics option is there, but does not switch.
  • I've checked that Catalyst is setup correctly with the correct performance and power plans, to no avail. I've even tried the options to force high performance and they don't work.
  • I've tried solutions for my laptop and related hardware, to no avail:

Hardware & OS:

Dell Inspiron 14z (5423) 

Intel HD 4000

AMD Radeon HD 7570M

Windows 10 Home 64-Bit


Help please.

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